MKRS_Email Marketing_TOPIt is with great honor that MKRS LAW announces the promotion of Omar Perez, Jr. to Equity Partner of the Firm.


Omar Perez, Jr. received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami in 1994 and received his Juris Doctor degree from Nova Southeastern University in 1997.  Omar has been a Partner at our Coral Gables office and member of MKRS since October 2000.  Throughout his tenure at the firm, he has successfully represented employers and carriers in close to 2,000 cases.  Omar exemplifies excellence not only as a gifted litigator, but as a loving father.  He raises the bar in all levels and sets an example worthy of constant merit and recognition.  

“Omar’s qualities as an outstanding attorney and all-around genuine and humble human being have been integral in the success of our firm.” – Robert J. Rodriguez, Managing Partner

Executive Committee is very proud to anoint Omar as the newest member of a distinguished and elite group of leaders at MKRS Law and as the face and future of our Firm.

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As our firm promotes from within it also provides opportunity for change, growth and expansion.  With an increase in demand from our northernmost clients, our Orlando office expands to now include associates Colin J. McLean, Cristina Linares-Obeso and Haadia Siddiqi.  As a result of the restructuring of the Orlando office, Mr. Mark S. Kluger will no longer be a member of MKRS Law.  We wish him the best.

Our agility in technology allows our associates to provide service to all our clients statewide yet we recognize the importance of personalized service and interaction at significant stages of the litigation process.  As such, we strengthen the support in an office that continues to grow.  Excellent service to our clients is inherent in our company culture and we will do what it takes to continue that legacy established by our founders 58 years ago.

We are very proud of our new team in Orlando and wish Colin, Cristina and Haadia many more years of success at MKRS Law.

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