Man Holds Grandpa’s Ashes for $40 Ransom

Butterfly Orchid Bronze Cremation Urn 600x600

It’s Friday again, which means yet another exciting story coming to you straight from Florida. This story comes from Crestview, population slightly over 22,000.  A woman and her apparent ex-boyfriend got into an argument, which resulted in an atypical reaction–he stole her grandfather’s ashes. Holding the cremation urn for ransom, the man refused to hand over the remains under she paid him cold, hard, cash. Forty dollars worth, to be exact.

The couple had been dating for two years, and the spat began when she refused to let him stay the night. The man told her that he had hidden her grandfather’s ashes, and she wouldn’t see them again until she forked over the $40. After leaving to track them down, she eventually found her boyfriend at the probation office. In an attempt to resolve the problem, she gave in to the hair-brained scheme and agreed to give him the money in exchange for the ashes.

To show his gratification, said ex-boyfriend then hit the woman in the mouth, also grabbing her arms and throat. Police finally stepped in, arresting the man on battery charges.

Read the full story HERE.

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