Son Gets Mom Arrested After She Slaps Him For Being Freeloader

willywonka_veruca21Today’s For Real? Fridays comes from Sarasota. Sergio Irey is a 21-year-old Florida man. He is also unemployed, lives at home without paying rent, doesn’t help out at home and has let his grades drop. This is according to his mother, who remains behind bars for disciplining him.

His mother, Rocio Irey, told police that the argument started after she scolded him for his reported layabout ways in their Sarasota home.

Rocio told Manatee County Sheriff’s Office that she was angered at her son “because he was not listening to her, he was back talking to her and he was being disrespectful by interrupting her and ignoring her.”

A frustrated Rocio slapped him across the face twice; Sergio–who later acknowledged his churlish behavior–responded by calling the cops on her.

Though Sergio wasn’t injured, Florida state law required that “the aggressor be arrested” for domestic battery.

With his mom locked up, it’s still unclear who will make Sergio’s dinner today.

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