You Can’t Pay For Cookies With An Invisible Credit Card


A Florida man was arrested after a strange visit to a Winder grocery store in Barrow County earlier this week. When officers arrived at the scene around 3:30 p.m., they found Matthew White, age 48, casually charging his cell phone. So what gives?

A store clerk explained that White had earlier been screaming, going around the store eating cookies and collecting various items. Upon checking out, White reportedly slid an imaginary card across the counter to pay for the items. After being informed he needed a visible method of payment, he said he would get his wallet from outside. When trying to re-enter the store, White reportedly began banging on the glass, apparently forgetting how to get inside.

“Once back inside the store the male began walking through the store cursing and collected hair ties and a cell phone charger,” the report stated. “The male then went into the restroom and opened the hair bands and placed one in his hair; he then took the charger out of the package and walked outside to plug the charger into the wall.”

White was arrested for shoplifting and disorderly conduct. No reports as to whether he had been screaming “ME WANT COOKIE!”

Read the full story here.

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