Florida Teen Becomes Youngest To Pass Bar Exam

The University of Law graduate Gabrielle Turnquest, 18, will become the youngest person in the history of the English and Welsh legal system to be called to The Bar after passing The University of LawÕs Bar Professional Training Course. Her achievement will be formally recognised at a call ceremony at the Honourable Society of LincolnÕs Inn on Tuesday 30th July 2013 in London.

For this week’s “For Real? Fridays!” we’re focusing our attention on a prouder Florida moment. An 18-year-old Windermere Florida native, Gabrielle Turnquest, recently became the youngest person ever to pass the bar exam in the UK.

“I am honored to be the youngest person to pass the Bar exams but, really, I was not aware at the time what the average age was,” she told The Telegraph. “I didn’t fully realize the impact of it.”

According to The University of Law, the average age of a lawyer graduate is 27, which puts Gabrielle 9 years ahead of the pack. Turnquest’s sister also took the same course and passed the bar at age 22, so this doesn’t seem to be an uncommon story in their lineage.

The Florida teen was also the youngest to graduate from Liberty University at 16 years young. Gabrielle plans to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles to study Apparel Industry Management, where her ultimate goal is to build a career as a fashion law specialist.

Read the full story here.


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