For Real? Fridays! Young Lawyer’s Parents Offer to Pay Salary for Job

Craigslist lawyer


If you thought your parents were bad, you might want to rethink that sentiment. With times being tougher than ever to find a job after law school, people go to great lengths to land that enviable Associate position. You’ve heard of pink, scented resumes to get noticed out of law school, but what about offering to have your salary comped just for the position?

In a world where children live at home longer, parents are perpetually taking on the responsibility of making things easier for their kids. A 2013 graduate of an “excellent Law School” is having such a hard time landing a firm gig, that his parents took to Craigslist offering to pay 10% of his salary if someone will hire him, even for part-time legal work.

The post has since been removed. Perhaps because of embarrassment or perhaps because he’s now representing someone from one of our absurd “For Real? Fridays” stories. Now go apologize to your mothers for telling them “it takes mother to smother.”

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