Attempted Bank Robber Leaves Behind Job Application



Another Friday, another mindless Florida fiend. When Felipe Cruz attempted to rob the Chase Bank in Pompano Beach, he must have left his copy of “Bank Robbing for Dummies” at home.

Officials said that Cruz was first rebuffed by a teller during his robbery and then left behind a robbery note which contained his name.

The note he gave the teller read “Give me the 100s 50s 20s now. Do not set the alarm. Hurry!!!”

The teller backed away from her bulletproof window and Cruz fled empty handed, only leaving behind the note. On the reverse side of his demands was an online job application form, complete with the handwritten username of CRUZFELIPE36. It also included a password.

After Broward Sheriff’s Office investigators ran the fingerprints from the note, they determined he lived in an Oakland Park apartment nearby. Police are actively searching for Cruz on the counts of attempted bank robbery.

Read the full story here.

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