MKRS Law at 2015 WCCP FL Bar Forum


MKRS Law presented at the 2015 WCCP FL Bar Workers’ Compensation Forum in Orlando on April 8th through April 10th. MKRS was a prime sponsor and was honored to have been asked to present a course lecture.  MKRS Law’s connection with the Board Certification Course starts year zero: George Kagan was Vice Chair of the inaugural Worker’s Compensation Board Certification committee and helped both draw up and grade the initial exam in 1989.  Here is a bit of trivia for you: the original certification examination was actually graded in a locked conference room in MKRS’s Broward County office, where the board worked two days and nights to complete the task.  George was the only board member to speak at the first certification exam seminar and MKRS has been honored to have had speakers at what is now “The Forum” almost every year since then.  

This year, George spoke on ‘Attorney Fees’ for the first time, but his involvement has included substantial contributions to current certification course materials on medical benefits, death benefits, heart cases, and mental/nervous injury.  George’s only regret is; speaking there often precludes socializing with his esteemed clients as much as he’d like!  

MKRS’ Partner, Omar Perez, Jr. , and  MKRS’ Associates, Elina Blanco and Colin Mclean attended the conference alongside George and enjoyed conversing with attendees and gave away raffle prizes to participating esteemed guests. For more photos of the conference visit our MKRS Law Facebook page.

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