The Lucky 13: Most Useful Apps for Lawyers


Whether you’re already a lawyer or just like pretending to be one (note: our lawyers suggest that we don’t advise actually pretending to be a lawyer or giving out legal advice, unless you are, in fact, an attorney.) OK, great, where were we? Right. With the almighty Internet making it easier than ever to kickstart your futures career paths, we thought we’d help out a little too. Here are 13 of the best smartphone apps that any and all attorneys should have on their dashboards, as listed by MKRS Law’s Managing Partner, Robert J. Rodriguez, Esq., and seen in Law Journal Newsletter’s “Legal Tech.”

1. GoodReader
My “Swiss army” knife of apps.  Provides the best PDF viewing / commenting capability, combined with document management and synchronization.  Provides encryption and sync capability for true offline & secure document access
2. TrialPad
Invaluable trial presentation utility producing high quality images and video which are custom tailored for trial.  Syncs seamlessly with iTunes or Dropbox and is constantly updated based on user feedback
3. DropBox
Synchronizes selected files & folders with iPhone / iPad.  When combined with GoodReader it allows for a true paperless experience in and out of the office
4. PocketCloud
Provides desktop style remote secure access back to the corporate system.  Capable of support many protocols including Microsoft RDP, VNC, VMView & more
5. WestLawNext
Instant on the go access for up-to-the minute case law and statue information.  Constantly improving app based on customer feedback and suggestions
6. PenUltimate or Noteability
Digital replacement to the yellow pad and paper.  Pen Ultimate provides simplistic, quick writing capability while Notability includes tools for more extensive note taking including audio and text
7. PDFXpert
Another great PDF editing application (similar to GoodReader) with the addition of instant digital signature insertion
8. Dictamus
Complete Dictaphone replacement providing instant, secure, and effortless dictation.  Allows for hands free (Bluetooth) connectivity for in car & headset convenience
9. Office HD
Provides Microsoft Office capability on the go.  Not a full office replacement app but can handle 90% of the requirements when viewing / editing a document on the go
10. Keynote
Excellent replacement for Microsoft PowerPoint.  Fun, intuitive & easy to create and manipulate presentations on the go
11. Transcript pad
A new addition & supplement to TrialPad allowing the importation of text based deposition documents.  Color codes ‘tabbing’ allows for instant access to categorized information based on speaker.  As with TrialPad – consistently updating app based on user feedback
12. Print and share
Provides capability to print to almost any printer.  Not only “air print capable printers”  but also any network printer on our network with the print server add-in (Note: this has to be installed on print server).
13. Instapaper
Allows for convenient “read later” bookmarking of documentation.  Provides synchronization between devices (Computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, etc..).  Great for reading on planes or areas with no connection.

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