Top 10 Most Bizarre Workers’ Comp Cases


Have you ever been working on a case and thought to yourself — “Now, this has to be the strangest case ever”? For the past few years, LexisNexis has put together a list of the “Top Ten Bizarre Workers’ Comp Cases.” With 2013 quickly coming to a close, let’s take some time to revisit the list from this past January in preparation for the upcoming 2013 list. See how your own stories compare and send over any that should be included in this year’s list to

CASE #1: No Benefits for Rattlesnake Bite When Capturing Snake Not Connected to Truck Driver’s Employment (Alabama)

CASE #2: Injured Worker’s Spouse May Proceed With Tort Action Against Third-Party Administrator for “Aggressive” Surveillance of Worker’s Family (U.S.)

CASE #3: Quesadilla Bites Back: Restaurant Waiter’s Choking Was Not Actual Risk of Employment (Virginia)

CASE #4: Exotic Dancer Shot in Strip Club Brawl Gets No Benefits; Dancer Was an Independent Contractor, Not an Employee (South Carolina)

CASE #5: Benefits Awarded for Salad Bar Injury That Proved Fatal (Pennsylvania)

CASE #6: Truck Driver Proves Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a Result of Suicidal Third Party’s Erratic Driving (Pennsylvania)

CASE #7: Truck Driver’s Search for Object With Which to Assault Driving Partner Was Substantial Deviation From Employment (Tennessee)

CASE #8: Drinking Binge and Two-Hour Nap Found to Be Deviation From Employment, Subsequent Fall Down Elevator Shaft Not Compensable (Utah)

CASE #9: Snake-handling School Official and School Board Are Immune From Tort Liability for Brandishing Serpent in Office (Kentucky)

CASE #10: State Workers’ Compensation Act Was Exclusive Remedy for Death From Disease Associated With Pigeon Droppings (New Mexico)

BONUS CASE: Serious Injuries Caused by Employee’s Attempt “to Ride” Escalator Rail at Annual Sales Meeting Found Compensable (North Carolina)

Read the specifics of each case here.

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