Man Impersonates Cop To Get Dunkin Donuts Discount

cops-dunkin-donuts 2

Pasco County deputies arrested a New Port Richey man for impersonating a police officer in an attempt to get a discount at Dunkin Donuts. The 48-year-old man showed a gun and police badge while demanding the discount this past Tuesday. Deputies reported the items belonged to his late father, who was a retired officer.

This was not the first instance of the man requested a discount, as the first event took place on November 6th. After some suspicion, the Dunkin Donuts manger went to the police and asked if deputies solicit discounts. Turns out, they do not.

“I told her no we do not ask for discounts,” said Mallo.

To catch the culprit, officers set up a traffic stop where they found him glazed handed. “He said he was sorry and started crying,” said Captain Mallo. He was arrested on charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer and improper display of a firearm.

In case you were wondering, Dunkin Donuts reported the discount they were giving him was 20 percent.

Read the full story here.

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