Breaking Bad Contest Winner Gets Arrested on Drug Charges

Breaking-Bad-HeisenbergA Florida man who had won a contest to meet the cast of “Breaking Bad” has been arrested on drug charges.

Ryan Lee Carroll, 28, of San Carlos Park, Florida was arrested following a raid on a home in the area.

Carroll was reportedly taken into custody on felony charges of alleged possession of synthetic narcotics and a misdemeanor charge of allegedly keeping a shop for drugs. In September he won a national contest to meet the “Breaking Bad” actors and watch the show’s series finale.

If you’re not familiar with “Breaking Bad,” it’s about a science teacher turned meth dealer.

“It’s just so addicting,” Carroll told reporters about “Breaking Bad” at the time he won the contest. “It’s such a good show. I think it’s addicting because people can relate to the main character.”

We will have to wait to see if his defense will be “T.V. made me do it.”

Read the full story here.

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