Legal Marketing Tips for 2014


Now that it’s just about a solid week into 2014, we wanted to take a moment to share some food for thought about useful marketing and business development goals for attorneys ready to tackle the new year. Though “get more referrals” is a commendable aspiration, its lack of specificity can be misguided. With that in mind, here are some of the simplest, yet most useful tips for effective attorney marketing endeavors from our experience and research.

Get Personal

The legal industry is a relationship business and though the increase of technology and social media can often impede personal communication, it’s important to maintain healthy relationships. If you take the time to develop and nurture connections with key contacts, you’ll see a difference in levels of satisfaction. It’s no different than non-work related communication.

  • Though the art of letter mailing might not be the most practical route in our modern society, send at least one personal email a week to a client.
  • Set up a minimum goal amount of client visits/lunches/dinners each month throughout the year.
  • Don’t be so mysterious. Get together with a contact you work with but have yet to meet.

The Full Service

New clients are fantastic and should be a priority, but it is worth noting that existing clients are among the best sources of new business. Don’t get too comfortable and let them slip away.

  • With everyone’s busy schedules, phone and email tag can be synonymous with the legal industry. Acknowledge emails and calls as soon as possible. If it’s a time-sensitive issue, and there’s not enough of it in a day, at least let them know that you’ll respond more fully later. I’m sure you’ve been frustrated by unreturned emails/calls, so why not put out the type of punctuality you seek in others? 

Put Yourself Out There

Clients want to hire the best, but how do they know that’s you? They don’t. That’s why they look at articles, blogs, honors, activities and presentations.

  • If there’s a publication (print or online) that you personally find useful, approach them and pitch an article topic.
  • Have an idea for a speaking engagement? Share it! An industry or trade association could be interested.
  • Start an experience database for your online profile. Not to say every little detail needs a spotlight, but share recent cases or matters that you have worked on that might impress a client. This isn’t necessarily bragging, it’s brand building!
  • Throw an idea out that you think would be great for a blog feature.
  • Calendar not looking busy? Offer to give a presentation. Somewhere. Anywhere.

It’s easy to get caught up on that case currently atop your desk, but it’s important to set goals to keep yourself on track with your long-term goals. If you find yourself at a standstill and short on tactics, pick out some points from above and set your sights high.

Please note these are simply suggestions and do not necessarily guarantee a specific result when applied. This is not legal advice from any of our attorneys and should be not interpreted as such.

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