Attorney On The Go: Portable Battery Charger


The phrase “first world problem” has practically become a laughing matter when it comes to our high-tech lifestyles. What would be considered luxuries to many, our modern society has afforded us to sometimes take for granted how far we have come in the technology world. For many, it was the demise of those bulky car phones affixed to our vehicle’s middle console. For the rest, we went from playing Snake on our coffin-shaped Nokia to defeating Candy Crush on our iPhone. It’s very easy to forget the days when the term “cell phone” sounded more like a prison land line rather than the pricey smartphones we’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

Whether being unable to access wifi reception or seeing your battery percentage in the ominous red zone, some of these concerns are now essential to getting through our days. Sure, certain generations might find that unfortunate, but change is what keeps the world moving forward and allows our attorneys to stay connected to clients. That being said, it is fair to say that you will probably find yourself saying at least once in your lifetime “I don’t know what I would do without my phone.”

This brings us to one of our favorite new gadgets here at MKRS Law–our very own personalized portable phone charger. Priding ourselves on being a tech-savvy firm, our attorneys are constantly on the go. Whether dictating on their iPhones or spending hours going over lengthy cases on iPads, it’s important to be constantly connected and, even more importantly, always fully charged. One of our favorite legal tech blogs, iPhone J.D., recently reviewed a few models of these chargers. Check out the full article on iPhone J.D. here.

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